Galloping Ghost Productions is owned and operated by Doc Mack. He is the writer and designer of the Dark Presence and Conquering Light games (both currently in production), as well as several productions in the early stages of development. Doc has a strong background in graphic design, production, video editing, music and audio recording, writing, costume & prop creations, web design, technologies, managing and marketing. Combined with his extensive knowledge of games and the gaming industry, he is a great lead to the design team and brings the team together. The majority of the talented staff have a true passion for video games.  Many have been playing since the late 70ís or early 80ís. The staff members are specifically hired for their skills in their particular field of expertise, but due to the smaller structure of the company everyone maintains interest in what everyone else is working on to ensure a smooth cohesion through the entire game development process. Galloping Ghost Productions is currently working on Dark Presence as well as its follow up title Conquering Light. These two digitized high-definition fighting games push the genre to new levels of detail. Both games are heavily story oriented (over 1300 pages of story and character development) which leaves lots of room for marketing and promotional items (comic book, T-shirts, and action figures are currently in production). The games themselves stand to be the largest game content productions ever (a large feat for a smaller independent company.) Other projects include a highly anticipated Massively MultiPlayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG), a high speed racing game,
a military combat game (online) that is going to use a very inventive marketing strategy and a thrill packed Survival Horror style game. All of the Galloping Ghost Productions aim to be unique and inventive. Itís the goal to continue to make new games and not simply travel down the same road that has been done several times before or just release sequel after sequel.
     The future for Galloping Ghost Productions is bright. With the upcoming completion of two games, we are presently looking forward to a heavy promotional campaign with them. We then will prepare to follow up with a new massively multiplayer online game, that will introduce gamers to a new level of detail in gaming. With our desire to expand and grow, we will be moving into a large studio and have several productions underway at one time.