We have designed DARK PRESENCE and its cabinet specifically to give a
unique arcade experience. We have not limited our hardware to just what the
home consoles can do.  This enables us to have many unique features in DARK PRESENCE.  Making it clear, that arcade gaming can be done better then ever.

8 Unique playable characters
No color palette swapping
Unique left and right sides (NO IMAGE FLIPPING)
30 Frames per second of animation
15,000+ Frames of animation per character
200+ moves & reactions per character
Backgrounds have day / night, and seasonal weather variations, accurate to the weather outside your window
Parallaxing Backgrounds
True linkable cinematic finishing moves.
Unique finishing moves based on how the characters
relate to each other.  With 437 finishing moves total!!
Realistic Reaction System (RRS). Characters roll and
react to attacks more realistically then seen before.
In-depth story and developed characters- Not just
another fighting tournament.
Multiple endings for all characters
Achievement system
ICON wagering system
Trackable player stats

Modular design makes it easy to ship and assemble.
27", 32", 42", & 65" Monitor setups to fit your space
1920 x 1080P HD monitors
Component design makes cabinet upgradeable giving you just the features you want
5.1 Surround sound
Prize drawer
USB data ports
Shock bands
Internal UPS system
7 Touch screen control panel move monitors GPS data updater
Online updating content