The staff of Galloping Ghost Productions wants to see arcades regain their popularity. The home console market is a staple of gaming, but the arcades should never be overlooked or forgotten. Too many developers have hurt the arcade industry by only focusing on home console releases. Straight to home console releases, fewer features in the arcade versions, and short arcade exclusive times all make it difficult for arcade operators to stay in business. This is why we have tried to not only do things different then other arcade developers but go beyond that and want to help promote arcades in general. Below are several links to great arcade sites.
    As a company that is selling arcade games, we want to give arcade operators who buy our machines, any and all extra help that we can to help them promote and grow their businesses.
As arcade enthusiasts many of our staff visit arcades regularly and are constantly looking for places that offer arcades. 
    We have a great passion for the arcade game industry, and really think that things can be done to expand it.  It's not something one developer or one operator can do, but collectively we can all work together and revitalize the industry.
If you are an arcade operator, a private collector, or even just looking for an arcade in your area, drop us an email, and let us know how we can help you.